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Projet I-Tidel

This project is born from a dream to bring back to life the artistic craftsmanship passed down through the years found in the “Workshops” that animate Tuscany Renaissance;
And to bring together in the present day the new technologies and materials in a union of passion of master craftsmanship.

I-TIDEL is a consortium of craftspeople united together with the desire to introduce to the entire world the antique Handmade Art, together with the unconsciousness of young DESIGNERS, even these united from the passion to open new frontiers, or better to see the world through different eyes.
Living your home space is living an intimate and daily experience, for this, the knowledge of Handmade Art can express its maximum, with sophistication and class: the “Made In Italy” makes the difference.

I-TIDEL expresses VALUE in the person’s work, BEAUTY in what we create, RICHES in that which we Love.
The advantages of I-TIDEL are that in each individual project is enclosed all the necessary knowledge for doing business.
I-TIDEL caters to each individual: a family that searches for a unique style in living; businesses that design, realize and furnish; and/or those who manage Resorts/Relais/Hotels, professionals in the industry.
I-TIDEL is realiabity, expertise and professionalism.


I-TIDEL presents photorealistic renderings from the initial hypothetical project phase, allowing you to find your own style. By using the most modern IT technologies, it is possible to realize solutions expressing the soul of your everyday space and trasmitting a unique charm. The interior “architect” or “designer” deals with the design of spaces and objects of common use within an enclosed area. For example, a private home, a shop, a reception area or a workplace. This is where the interior designer gets involved. I-Tidel will help you to distill your tastes and ideas in a project that fits your space needs. We reorganize the existing spaces; design the interiors of a new house; or simply redefine furniture in a new context. I-TIDEL is the right partner for you.

The operational team of I-TIDEL is composed of designers, technicians, woodworkers, assemblers and professionals in the field. We work together as a team with the client, whom we accompany from the early stages of the project until the installation of the last accessory.

Normally we associate an interior designer to a figure similar to simply a designer of interiors, but in reality the designer’s objective is to place special attention to the more practical and functional aspects of home living. For example, making sure the furniture has the correct dimensions, that correct spaces are considered for passageways, that the furnishings are arranged in comfortable and fucntional places, and that materials and technologies are at the service of elegant comfort, in a harmonious environment in which to live emotions.

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